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June 2017

A large window and blinds that open from the bottom up let me have a slice of ever changing sky above my work space every day. A treat of variations in weather, an assortment of clouds and, most interesting, a show of birds. The last couple of weeks it has been the swooping and darting Swifts collecting their insect meal. A breathtaking aerial display amazing to watch. Of course there are other birds flying over off and on through the day but none put on such an amazing show. Today it was a pair of hawks circling, I assume Osprey since we are near the lake. I even had a resting sparrow with a nest twig on my gutter one morning, I’ll be watching for the progress.

After a long and confining winter, with my thoughts turning to travel for pleasure, the extra hours of sunshine are encouraging. There are nearby places I want to revisit soon. We did get to Champoeg State Park and I added a little more to my knowledge of Oregon’s past from one of the displays as well as enjoying a long walk in the park. Thrilling to find the native bluebird residents are back after a long absence and major efforts from a group of bird lovers.

One by one, the special days and events of spring are passing and my thoughts are turning toward summer, just around the corner. Driving to a Mother’s Day event in the Lorane Hills I was reminded of just how beautiful our nearby surroundings are. I can’t imagine any places prettier in springtime blooms than where we’re living right now but still, it seems like a long time since we’ve seen the ocean, or a waterfall.

We’ll travel out of state to one graduation ceremony in Bellingham and hopefully extend the trip to include some of our other west coast favorite places.
Moving has taken a toll of time and energy we’d rather have saved for adventuring had we been able to stop the clock.. However, we are comfortable now and glad we have less work and noise than in our former home. Our maps are out now and the travel plans starting to come together, it won’t be long.

Hoping you’ll have some sunshine to make this week even
better for you.

My best --




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